• What is a “Votator”and What Does Votator Do?

    What is a Votator?The Votator can be used in almost any continuous treatment process of pumpable fluid or viscous liquid. Most of the Votators adopt the design that the main shaft drives the scraper t

    2023/06/28 Ftherm Machinery

  • Cooling -Get your product nice and cool with Ftherm

    Thermal processing remains one of the most important processes in the food industry. Cooling is one of the thermal processing techniques and can be defined as a processing technique that is used to re

    2023/06/18 Ftherm Machinery

  • Ftherm® X Scraped surface heat exchangers application areas

    (1) Food industry: shortening, margarine, jam, cream, butter, butter, candles, etc. (2) pharmaceutical industrial products: cream, syrup, lotion, antibiotics etc. (3) Cosmetic products: cream, emulsio

    2023/06/18 Ftherm Machinery

  • Bring your product to boiling point with Ftherm® T Series Scraped surface heat exchangers

    The heat exchange is very effective because the double wall is continuously and completely scraped. The scrapers prevent product from accumulating on the double wall, as a result of which the heat exchange is maximized throughout the entire production process.

    2023/06/18 Ftherm Machinery

  • Why a Fherm® Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger?

    For many years, Ftherm® Machinery have been raising productivity, lowering production costs, and delivering Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers products with affordable price and excellent quality.

    2023/06/18 Ftherm Machinery

  • Votator Definition

    The votator is a scraped surface heat exchanger equipment that is especially suitable for processing viscous, high viscosity, particle-containing liquids that require certain heat treament applications.

    2023/06/18 Ftherm Machinery

  • Scraped surface heat exchangers in food industry

    The food industry often faces some viscous, high-viscosity, particle-containing liquids or liquid products that require a certain crystallization process, usually need to complete the heating and cool

    2023/06/18 Ftherm Machinery

  • Features and Principles of Ftherm® T Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

    The Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger (SSHE) is commonly utilized in aseptic processing of foodstuffs. These heat exchangers are preferred because of their capability to process heat-sensitive.

    2023/06/18 Ftherm Machinery

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