Custard Production Line

Custard and scaue are commonly used fillings for baking. They have good stiffness and excellent baking resistance, and generally other sauces cannot be replaced.

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    Custard and Kestara are commonly used fillings for baking. They have good stiffness and excellent baking resistance, and generally other sauces cannot be replaced.

Custard Production line

    Salad dressing and custard are commonly used sauces in the baking industry, and it is common for manufacturers to compare them. In terms of product system: Custard belongs to starch gelatinization system, while Custard belongs to oil-water emulsification system. The salad dressing system itself has a certain antibacterial effect due to its own acidic environment. Custard can only pay attention to sterilization and post-contamination refrigeration during the production process, and the system itself has no antibacterial ability.

    During the gelatinization process of starch, it is easy to form a coking film on the heat exchange surface. The coking film not only affects the heat transfer but also affects the quality of the product. Therefore, wall scraping and stirring are particularly important for the production of Casda. Considering quality issues such as material sterilization and microbial control, our company recommends the use of a continuous starch gelatinization system. The configured slurry passes through the continuous heating heat exchanger, high temperature maintenance tube and cooling heat exchanger under the push of the conveying pump, and the continuous process efficiently completes the starch gelatinization and sterilization process.

    The scraped surface heat exchanger produced by Ftherm Machinery has the following characteristics:

1. Heat exchange equipment that meets food hygiene standards.

2. High heat transfer performance, three to four times that of other heat exchangers, and more homogeneous and emulsification.

3. Compact structure and wide application range; especially suitable for materials with high viscosity, easy to crystallize or easy to produce coking film and particles.

4. Easy to clean, save cleaning time and improve work efficiency. General heat exchange equipment takes time to clean the heat exchange surface after working for a period of time, while the scraper heat exchanger with its unique scraper design, can clean the heat transfer surface in time with the help of scraper stirring, and speed up the heat exchange performance. Solve the problems accumulated over the years in the heat exchanger industry.

5. The sealing performance is good, and the mechanical seal that meets the hygienic standard is adopted, and the service life is longer.

    This product is used to assemble in o a continuous Shida sauce production system, with stable product and high production efficiency.

    Our company provides a complete set of Custard production equipment.