Ventajas y ventajas del intercambiador de calor de superficie del raspador Ftherm®

2023-06-18 18:54:28 Ftherm Machinery

Intercambiadores de calor de superficie rascada


El intercambiador de calor de superficie del raspador ftherm tiene muchas aplicaciones y procesos. Esto se debe a que su diseño económico y eficiente sirve plenamente a su contenido. Resumen de los principales atributos:

The scraping principle: economical and clean

The mixing system continuously scrapes the whole heated or cooled surface, resulting in an extremely efficient transfer of heat. This scraping principle has a major efficiency advantage compared to conventional plate or tube-shaped heat exchangers. Furthermore, this prevents the product from sticking to the side.


Mixing with preservation of homogeneity

An additional advantage of the mixing system is that the liquid also mixes while scraping. This promotes heat transfer and keeps the liquid homogenous. In some cases it is even possible to aerate the product, with or without compressed air or nitrogen.


Cooling/heating products with firm componentsStrawberry cooling heating particles

With the Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger you can cool and heat products that contain firm components. The maximum product identity is preserved. You can cool/heat products with particles of a maximum size of 25 mm.


Thorough cleaning

The Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger can be fully included in the existing CIP system. You can clean the Ftherm with or against the stream, whereby the mixing system can turn clockwise or anticlockwise. This results in optimum cleaning of the Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger.


Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat ExchangerLow downtime

The Ftherm has open-source maintenance, which means it isn’t necessary to order spare parts from Ftherm. This can save a considerable amount of downtime during servicing or replacement. The Ftherm is also easy to use because the wearing part can be inspected via the hinged lid. It is not necessary to disassemble the shaft seal and bearings first. This easy way of inspection can prevent loss of time.


Constant capacity and temperature

The Ftherm is equipped with two covers through which a cooling/warming medium is pumped. Your product will be monitored and evenly warmed or cooled on two sides (inside and outside the cover). The cooling/ warming medium is completely isolated from your product.