Why a Fherm® Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger?

2022-05-22 10:44:41 Ftherm Machinery 10175

For many years, Ftherm® Machinery have been raising productivity, lowering production costs, and delivering Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers products with affordable price and excellent quality for a wide range of processing industries.


Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

Depending on your industry, having a Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger (SSHE) may be essential to making your daily applications run smoothly. The various types of SSHE’s are designed to fulfil specific applications based on your needs.  Below is a list of industry specific products that benefit from a Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger.


Heat Sensitive Products – Delicate products, which are negatively altered by a prolonged exposure to heat, are effectively processed in a SSHE. The scraper blades prevent product from remaining on the heat transfer surface by continuously removing and renewing the film. Because only a small amount of product is exposed to heat for just a short period of time, burn-on is minimized and in most cases eliminated entirely.


Viscous ProductsSSHE processes viscous products far more efficiently than conventional plate or tubular heat exchangers. Product film is continually scraped from the heat transfer wall to induce high heat transfer rates. A constant agitation causes turbulent flow for a more consistent heating or cooling. Pressure drops are effectively controlled by the product annulus area and agitation eliminates stagnant areas and product build-up which makes cleaning easier.


Particulate-Laden Products – Products with particulates, which tend to plug conventional heat exchangers, are easily controlled in a SSHE. This allows for the particulates to maintain maximum product identify.


Crystallized Product – Products which crystallize are ideal candidates for SSHE processing. As product crystallizes on the heat transfer wall, the scraper blade removes it, which in the end keeps the surface cleaner.


Food and Meat Processing – SSHE can serve the food and meat industries in an extensive variety of applications. Whether it’s cooling, heating, sterilizing, crystallizing, freeze concentration, or processing a hard to handle product, the Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger is able to meet the most precise and challenging standards.


Aseptic Processing – SSHE’s have many uses in aseptic processing, particularly those involving viscous and particulate laden products.  These aseptic systems sterilize food and other perishable products before they are sealed in pre-sterilized containers, which allows for distribution by non-refrigerated means.