Thermal equilibrium simulation and design of scraped surface heat exchanger for margarine processing

2022-06-24 21:56:40 Ftherm Machinery

With the scraped surface heat exchanger for margarine processing as research object,the heat transfer mechanism of heat exchanger was analyzed and the numerical calculation model of heat transfer was established. The convection heat transfer in heat exchanger was simulated by the k-ε turbulent model and the temperature distribution and heat transfer characteristic curve were reproduced well,which verified the feasibility of the design to make improvements. The margarine production line was developed with the continuous scraped surface heat exchanger as key equipment. Its operation conditions were as follows: knife shaft speed 600 r / min,operation pressure 1. 5 MPa and production capacity 2 t / h. The margarine produced by the production line was analyzed by X-ray diffraction. The results showed that βand β' crystal form met the market requirements and the products had smooth and delicate surface,and excellent performance,which indicated that the margarine processing equipment developed and designed had good capability.

Thermal equilibrium simulation  of Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger