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2022-07-18 07:49:27 Ftherm Machinery

There are many dairy products and food equipment in the world running on the ground, and there are many second-hand dairy processing machines available for sale. For imported machines used to make margarine (butter), such as edible margarine, shortening and equipment for baking margarine (ghee), we can provide maintenance and modification of the equipment. Through the skillful craftsman of Ftherm Machinery, these machines can include scraper heat exchangers, quenchers, kneaders, refrigerators, margarine machines reborn.

     We have extended the life cycle of the machine to avoid waste. The quality and quality of our repaired margarine equipment has been confirmed many times in Denmark, Germany, the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Sweden and other machines. We have given these margarine equipment, scraper type with fast OEM capabilities and professional services The second life of heat exchanger machines. These machines have been repaired, refurbished and remodeled by us, and can be easily extended after a thorough overhaul.

Our maintenance retrofit margarine equipment can cover the following most common scraper heat exchanger manufacturers:

Garstenberg Anger (Denmark) is now SPK,

Schr0der (Germany) is now SPK,

Charry Barrell (USA) is now SPK,

Vototor (USA) is now SPK,

Chemtack (UK) is now TNCI Padavan, Chemetotor

Cantherm (Sweden) is now AFLF,

Torlotherm (Netherlands) is now Baosais Group,

APVs  (USA) is now SPK,

MBS (Italy) is now Hercules.

HRS R series scraper heat exchanger of HRS-Heatexchanger (UK)

Ranothor series scraper heat exchanger of R0N0 (Germany)

Our standards for overhauling the whole machine are:

1. Strip the frame, sandblast and spray steel parts

2. Surveying and remanufacturing damaged spare parts

3. Replace all wearing parts, including bearings, bushings and gaskets

4. Replace damaged or worn or aged or unreasonable parts

5. Arrange the updated machine for trial production

      After our repair and reconstruction of the equipment, we can regain our company's 12-month warranty service period, and can provide 5 years or longer wearing parts supply warranty.

     In addition to routine maintenance, we can replace imported margarine equipment with localized parts, such as honing, chrome plating, grinding or completely manufacturing completely new heat transfer cylinders (inner tank, (Crystal tube); replace the sliding sleeve, wear ring; in addition, the scraper and mechanical seal can also be updated with localized accessories.

Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

Ftherm Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers