Ftherm® X scraped-surface heat exchanger

2022-05-28 10:12:58 Ftherm Machinery

Ftherm® X is a single-wall scraped-surface heat exchanger (SSHE) designed for continuous and semi-continuous processing of an extremely broad range of viscosities. Its unique design offers impressive flexibility in heating and cooling operations for numerous products, with or without particles.

Ftherm® X  scraped-surface heat exchanger

Ftherm® X represents the most versatile heat transfer solution on the market, suitable for a wide range of applications and industries. The unique design provides low hold-up volumes and can handle product pressures up to 80bar (1160 PSI), with rotational scraping speeds ranging from 25 to more than 350 rpm. This flexibility creates countless opportunities for the production of food products, protein by-products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, and much, much more.

Versatile solution that can handle particles up to 20 mm and viscosities well in excess of 100,000 cP.

Easy-to-clean design can flexibly transition between products with limited downtime.

Multiple material options ensure efficient heat transfer and reliable mechanical performance.

Flexible installation with horizontal or vertical configuration to meet space limitations.