• What is a Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger and What Does It Do?

    Scraped surface heat exchanger were designed to improve upon issues that their predecessors were having problems with. Scraped surface heat exchangers incorporate an internal mechanism which periodica

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  • Ftherm® X scraped-surface heat exchanger

    Ftherm® X is a single-wall scraped-surface heat exchanger (SSHE) designed for continuous and semi-continuous processing of an extremely broad range of viscosities. Its unique design offers impressive

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  • Scraped surface heat exchanger, maintenance, repair, renovation, renovation, extended warranty

    There are many dairy products and food equipment in the world running on the ground, and there are many second-hand dairy processing machines available for sale. For imported machines used to make mar

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  • A new arrangement of blades in scraped surface heat exchangers for food pastes

    The present study analyses the performance of a scraped surface heat exchanger (SSHE) equipped with a new arrangement of blades to achieve higher thermal efficiencies than the conventional SSHE.

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  • Boiling-Bring your product to boiling point

    Every product has its own characteristics and boiling temperatures. By heating your product indirectly with steam (or hot water), you are able to process your product inline.Boil salsa Scraped Surface

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  • Sterilisation- Kill the bacteria in your product

    Sterilisation is like pasteurisation a method of thermal processing to remove living micro-organisms. Compared to pasteurisation, a heat treatment of over 100°C is applied for a period long enough to

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  • Cleanabilty study of a Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger

    Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers (Contherm SSHE model 6 × 3) are widely used industrially. In this kind of heat exchanger, the inlet and the outlet are difficult to clean due to their particular geomet

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    Elsewhere in this encyclopedia the thermal resistance due to the laminar sublayer is discussed (see Boundary Layer Heat Transfer). Because of the attendant drag forces associated with the flow of visc

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