• Why a Fherm® Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger?

    For many years, Ftherm® Machinery have been raising productivity, lowering production costs, and delivering Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers products with affordable price and excellent quality for a w

    2022/05/22 Ftherm Machinery

  • Development of two heat transfer correlations for a scraped surface heat exchanger in an ice-cream machine

    Heat transfer in presence of a high viscosity fluid may be substantially enhanced using heat exchangers supported by a mechanical agitation system that can also “scrape” the exchange surface (Scraped

    2022/05/20 Ftherm Scraped Surface heat exchanger

  • Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger-Lab

    This is ideal for use with products of varying viscosities, and can process products with particulates such as meat sauces without problems. This system is absolutely flexible and if necessary, it can

    2022/05/20 Ftherm Machinery

  • A 3D-CFD model thermal analysis within a scraped surface heat exchanger

    This paper deals with numerical study of the coupled fluid flow and heat transfer within a scraped surface heat exchanger ‘‘SSHEs’’. The finite volume Fluent™ 6.3 code was used to solve continuity, mo

    2022/05/20 Ftherm Machinery

  • Scraped surface heat exchangers (SSHEs)

    Abstract: Scraped surface heat exchangers (SSHEs) are commonly used in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries for heat transfer, crystallization, and other continuous processes. They are id

    2022/05/20 Ftherm Scraped Surface heat exchanger

  • What is a Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger and What Does It Do?

    Scraped surface heat exchanger were designed to improve upon issues that their predecessors were having problems with. Scraped surface heat exchangers incorporate an internal mechanism which periodica

    2022/05/20 Ftherm Scraped Surface heat exchanger

  • What’s a “Votator”?

    The list of Votator applications has grown very long in the more than 80 years since it was introduced, and I would say there is no one whose life has not been touched by a product heated or cooled.

    2022/05/20 Ftherm Scraped Surface heat exchanger

  • Why a Fherm® A Margarine production machine

    1. Excellent durability 2. Narrower annular gap 3. Higher spindle speed 4. Improve heat transfer 5. Easy to clean and maintain 6. Higher transmission efficiency 7. Longer scraper 8. Product seals 9. Materials 10. Modular design 11. Refrigeration medium

    2022/05/20 Ftherm Machinery

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